Tag Teaming Conservation of Energy and Financial Kickbacks

Spend some to save some. It’s how rebates work. At Sensible Heating & Cooling, we’re committed to helping our clients recoup a portion of monies spent on qualifying residential HVAC systems and equipment. Together, we’ll navigate Xcel Energy’s rebate catalog and apply for those relevant to your home.

Available Xcel Energy Rebates
● Earn up to $500 in rebates for the purchase and installation of high-efficiency cooling systems.
● Earn up to $100 for the use of natural gas and furnaces with electric motors for heating and cooling. These offers apply only to equipment purchased and installed in 2019; applications must be submitted by Sept. 30, 2020.

As with any good thing, available rebates won’t last forever. If you have questions about the retroactive 2019 Xcel rebates or those offered in 2020, or if you’re in need of new, qualifying HVAC equipment and installation, contact Sensible at 720-876-7166.

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