Is 2020 your year for geothermal? Combine Sensible Heating & Cooling’s 4% discount for new, upgraded or replacement geothermal solutions with diminishing government tax credits and you’ll save. But we’re warning you: Time is running out.

Government Tax Credits
Select residential renewable energy HVAC projects commencing within the 2021 calendar year may be eligible for tax credits up to 26 percent. If you’re planning the installation of a geothermal heat pump or other relevant projects, be sure you’re aware of the credit value timeline:

● Now – Jan. 31, 2021: Credit value is 26 percent
● Feb. 1, 2021 – Jan. 2022: Credit value is 22 percent

Sensible Heating & Cooling Discount
Knowing full-well the investment behind the purchase and deployment of geothermal systems, Sensible Heating & Cooling is offering a 4 % discount on new, upgraded or replacement geothermal solutions, when scheduled for Q1 2020 project launch.

These savings opportunities, coupled with offerings from select Metro Area counties, could help you to obtain significant, long-term, cost-savings on the geothermal system that is right for your home. Contact Sensible today. We’ll navigate you through all things geothermal and help you decide which energy- and cost-saving solution is best for your home. We always conduct complimentary consultations. 720-876-7166 / / \.

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