Working from Home: Get the Best Indoor Air Quality All Summer Long

With summer right around the corner, you want to make sure that your home is in tip-top shape indoors and outdoors. And that means making sure that the air you’re breathing is clean – even inside of your home. That’s right; there are many pathogens and allergens floating around the air inside of your home, which is why it’s essential to clean the air.

If the whole family’s planning on staying home this summer, make it a priority to make sure everyone’s comfortable. Have allergies? Is dust starting to accumulate? It might just be time to take a look at your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). The air quality inside your home can directly impact your health and the health of your family.

To ensure everyone’s breathing clean air, focus on improving the IAQ inside your home with either air purifiers or air filters.

What to Know About Air Purifiers

Air purifiers, like iWaves, work well with A/C units as they install easily into a duct air conditioning system. They also reduce the number of pathogens and allergens in the air inside of your home, enhancing your IAQ. And the nice thing about iWaves is that they clean the air without producing harmful by-products or ozone. Watch this video to learn more.

What to Know About Air Filters

Air filters can be installed onto your HVAC system to trap and filter out airborne particles before they have a chance to travel through your duct system and into your home. Air filtration works to eliminate airborne particles like dust, mites, and pollen. And air filters come in a variety of makes and models that work with many home HVAC systems.

If you’re looking to improve your IAQ this summer, make Sensible your go-to source for system knowledge and installation as we’re experts in air purification and filtration. We can help you identify which option is best for your home so that you can achieve ultimate comfort. And comfort should be your number one priority while everyone’s home for the summer!

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