Clearing the Air: Purification vs. Filtration

As scientists and healthcare professionals seek to further understand the ins and outs of COVID-19 and to establish measures to mitigate rising rates of infection, Sensible Heating & Cooling wants to help you make sense of the buzz phrases “air purification” and “air filtration.” With frequent newsworthy mentions, its important you understand the differences and similarities.

Air purification sanitizes indoor air by neutralizing airborne toxins – think gases and bacteria. To do this, air purifiers are designed to emit something to break or transform airborne toxins into harmless particles. iWave Air Purifiers are an example of an air purification system. Made with innovative technologies that mimic nature and repel dangerous particles, pollutants, and other air-borne dangers, iWave devices combat up to 99.4 percent indoor air pollutants. For more on iWave, watch this video.

Air filtration is the process of eliminating airborne particles, such as dust, mites and pollen. An air filter is installed on to your HVAC system to trap and filter out airborne particles before the contaminated air travels through the duct system to each room in your home or workplace. Air filters come in a variety of makes, models, qualities and pricing, and the one that’s right for you all comes down to your home’s HVAC system.

Knowing the clear definition between air purification and air filtration is only the beginning to identifying which HVAC system and/or equipment is right for your home. And for the times news stories send your head spinning and leave you contradicting your current HVAC set-up, give Sensible Heating & Cooling a call at 720-876-7166. We’ll discuss your residential HVAC needs and help you to achieve maximum comfort and peace of mind within your home.

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