Winter is not letting up. If it’s time to replace your home furnace and keep warm throughout the duration of the season, act now to cash in on Xcel Energy’s limited-time bonus rebate of up to $700 on 95 percent efficient furnaces purchased and installed between now and Sunday, March 31, 2019. Deadline to submit an application is Sunday, April 7, 2019.

Time for a New Furnace?

* Is your home-heating system more than 15-years-old? In Colorado’s unique dry climat forced air furnaces can last much longer than they do in more humid areas of the U.S. As your furnace ages, it loses efficiency and could be the culprit driving up the cost of utility bills.

* Have you properly cared for your furnace over the years? Furnaces require annual maintenance checks to ensure optimal performance. Regular maintenance ensures advance warning of potential problems and keeps it running efficiently.

Sensible Heating & Cooling is always willing to help current and potential customers with rebate submissions, as well as answer questions about rebate eligibility. Call Sensible’s Office Manager, Jo Jensen, at 720-876-7166 to schedule your furnace installation appointment. Sensible is an Xcel Energy registered contractor and offers free estimates on new systems. For complete details on this rebate offer, review Xcel Energy’s Programs & Rebates.

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