Efficiency. It’s the intersection of optimal functionality and zero to minimal waste. So how does it apply to furnaces and boilers? It’s all about that AFUE.

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency compares energy consumed and energy wasted. Simply put, if your furnace is 90 percent efficient, then 90 percent of the energy consumed is for heating your home, while the remaining 10 percent escapes outside your home or up the flue. The higher furnace efficiency, the less you’ll spend on energy bills.

Often, higher efficiency comes with a larger price tag, but for good reason. You’re essentially investing in lower heating bills throughout the life of the furnace, as well as a lower carbon footprint. In the long run, you’re guaranteed to save more, and your home becomes more environmentally friendly as well. Plus, you qualify for better tax credits, and higher Xcel Energy rebates – it pays to be efficient in the end. For complete details on furnace efficiency money-saving opportunities, review Xcel Energy’s Programs & Rebates.

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