Under Lock and Key: Let AC Units Alter Temperature, Not State of Mind

Although the production of traditional Freon is declining and even set for elimination by 2020, what remains of the substance is no less dangerous. Filled with life-threatening toxins, when the substance is deeply inhale, or huffed, it can cut off vital oxygen to cells and lungs, causing brain damage or other fatal consequences.

Because huffing remains a thing in some communities, Sensible Heating & Cooling strongly recommends the addition of refrigerant locking caps for the service valve on all air conditioning units. These caps are secured onto a unit with a special key sold only to certified HVAC technicians and provides a tamper resistant barrier to reduce theft, vandalism and accidental mixing of the refrigerant.

At Sensible, we care about safety in the communities we serve, from carbon monoxide poisoning to keeping toxins out of the hands of the wrong people. If you suspect someone you know is using refrigerant for recreational purposes, contact the American Association of Poison Control Center; they offer free, confidential, expert medical advice 24/7 through the Poison Help Line at 1-800-222-1222, or online at PoisonHelp.org.

If you suspect you have a faulty air conditioner, or a unit nearing the end of its life, contact Sensible Heating & Cooling Owners, Dan Schmied or Phil Jensen, at 720-876-7166 or [email protected] / [email protected]. We’re currently waiving our standard $89 diagnostic fee and always provide free estimates for new equipment and systems replacement. Plus, with the purchase of an air conditioner, furnace or full HVAC system, customers will receive one year free of added protection and maintenance with our Annual Service Agreements.

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