Safety Precautions to Minimize the Risk of Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

At Sensible Heating & Cooling, we take winter safety and proper functioning of your home’s boiler, furnace and other residential HVAC systems seriously. Poor-functioning systems can lead to Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning.

Minimize the risk of CO in your home by:

  1. Installing CO alarms throughout your home, especially near bedrooms.
  2. Use daylight savings-related calendar occurrences as reminders to change the batteries of your home’s CO detector(s).
  3. Never use a generator or pressure washer inside your home, basement or garage, or less than 20 feet from any window, door or vent.
  4. Never leave a car running in an attached garage, even with the garage door open.
  5. Regularly clean your clothes dryer ductwork and outside vent, keeping both free of lint, snow or overgrown outdoor plants.
  6. Have a qualified technician inspect fuel-burning appliances, chimneys, vents and fireplaces to ensure no blockages, corrosion or holes.
  7. Never operate propane, natural gas or charcoal barbecue grills, kerosene space heaters, lawn­mowers, snow-blowers or gasoline-powered weedwhackers indoors or inside an attached garage.
  8. Have your furnace inspected by a qualified technician each year for optimal functioning.
  9. Never patch a vent pipe with tape, gum or something else. This kind of patch can cause CO to build up in your home.

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