Proactive Approaches to Ensure Warmth (Not Worry) This Winter

When outdoor temperatures drop and brisk winter air settles in, many of us turn to our home furnaces for warmth. Protect yourself from unruly carbon monoxide (CO) dangers emitted from ill-operating furnaces with these tips from Sensible Heating & Cooling.


Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips


  • Seasonal maintenance. When you defer your home-heating needs to Sensible, we’ll dispatch a highly qualified HVAC professional your way to thoroughly inspect your furnace’s the heat exchange (should be furnace’s heat exchanger), change the filter and more, to ensure optimal operation.
  • Inspection certification. If you’ve recently purchased a new furnace, make certain installation of the unit is thoroughly inspected. A city permit must be obtained to ensure safe use of the system.
  • Levelled protection. Install CO detectors on each level of your home, including in the basement, to alert you when CO levesl become dangerously high. Detectors should also be installed within 10-feet of attached garage access.
  • Symptom knowledge. CO is known as “the silent killer.” Recognize the symptoms of related poisoning, including headache, dizziness, nausea/flu-like symptoms, shortness of breath, and confusion or memory problems.


Don’t take CO safety and prevention lightly. If you have questions or concerns, make certain to call your local fire department or Xcel Energy. Both can help to determine if there’s indeed a problem and point you in the direction of a solution. And if you want to proactively schedule regular maintenance, visit to


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