Water Heaters

What Size Water Heater Should I Buy?

Whether your old water heater is on its last legs, you are remodeling an older house and know a new water heater will be necessary, or you are finishing your basement and adding an extra bathroom, you might be curious about what size water heater you should buy. Determining the Perfect Size Water Heater The [...]

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Customer FAQ: What Services Does Sensible Offer?

Sensible Heating and Cooling offers very comprehensive services for HVAC and Geothermal systems in the Denver Metro and Front Range regions (we are proud to serve many of the smaller mountain towns that other HVAC and Geothermal companies won't travel to!). But we can't do everything! Here is a full list of the services we [...]

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Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips

At the beginning of every winter, you start hearing murmurings about carbon monoxide safety--and for good reason. When cold weather begins, people turn on their furnaces for the first time in months, and the potential for carbon monoxide safety issues increase. Why Furnaces Can Cause Carbon Monoxide Safety Concerns A well-maintained furnace should not emit [...]

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Free Water Heater Tuneup with Other Service Call

We are currently running a special promotion here at Sensible. If you schedule a service call for your air conditioner or furnace, we will throw in a free water heater tuneup! As we mentioned last week, yearly maintenance of your air conditioner (and the same applies to your furnace) will ensure that it runs smoothly [...]

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Xcel Certification: What It Means for Sensible’s Customers

We are proud to say that Sensible has an Xcel Certification. What this really means for our customers is that we are experts in Xcel Energy rebates. These rebates changes from year to year and can be quite complicated (as you may know from painful experience!). An Xcel Certification means that the certified company understands [...]

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Service Area: We Serve the Foothill Communities

Did you know that Sensible Heating and Cooling's service area extends well into the foothills? We serve the south metro area of Denver as well as the Evergreen, Conifer, Bailey, Elizabeth, and Pine communities. Many HVAC companies don't travel this far, so please give Sensible a call if you live south of Denver or in [...]