Sensible Heating and Cooling offers very comprehensive services for HVAC and Geothermal systems in the Denver Metro and Front Range regions (we are proud to serve many of the smaller mountain towns that other HVAC and Geothermal companies won’t travel to!). But we can’t do everything! Here is a full list of the services we do provide.

Sensible Heating and Cooling servicesSystem Installation and Repair Services

  • Furnaces (all makes, propane or natural gas): repair and install
  • Air conditioners: repair and install
  • Traditional water heaters: repair and install
  • Tankless water heaters: repair and install
  • Humidifiers (all types, steam- or water-based): repair and install
  • Heat Pumps: repair and install
  • Geothermal: repair, install, and new build
  • Boilers (all types, steam or hot water): repair, install, and new build
  • Radiant floor heating: repair , install, and new build
  • Zoning systems (all types): repair and install
  • Rooftop units (commercial): repair and install
  • Pool boilers: repair and install
  • Heat recovery ventilators:  repair and install
  • Thermostats: repair and replace
  • Coolers: repair, maintain, and install
  • Solar heating (not electric): repair and replace

Additional Services

  • Maintenance on all equipment
  • Three-levels of service agreements to cover both regular maintenance and emergency repairs
  • Xcel certified to get rebates for customers
  • Financing available on system installation
  • All of our work properly licensed and permitted
  • HVAC consultation for remodels
  • Air filtration and quality

If you are still a little confused about whether we can help you with a specific HVAC question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dan at 720.876.7166 or