Between the energy efficiency and superior functionality, tankless water heaters leave little reason to look back at the old internal storage systems (cold showers, anyone?). The only disadvantage in going with a tankless unit can be the increased cost upfront for purchase and install. Sensible Heating & Cooling can help you buffer that cost by ensuring that customers qualify for their $100 rebates from Xcel Energy.

We qualify as a participating contractor with Xcel, who has made it a goal to turn the Denver and foothills into a more smartly equipped more efficient community. And a home water heater is one of the best places to start when it comes to lessening your footprint (not to mention your monthly payments). It is generally the second highest energy consumer in residences.

When it comes time for our customers to do a water heater replacement, we at Sensible don’t consider the tankless units an upsell as much as a long-term cost savings for the customer. Then there’s the side effect of an always hot shower, no water sediment from old storage tanks, and the saved space in your utility closet.

Think of tankless water heaters as a true on-demand service. Even though a properly functioning water heater of the old storage design might seem like you can get hot water whenever you turn your faucet, the storage tank units are working hard in the background to keep a set amount of water at a set temperature. This burns energy.

In tankless water heaters, sometimes called continuous flow heaters, a sensor activates when hot water is needed and as it passes through the unit, the amount of water you need heats up instantaneously. Energy saved.

That’s already a lot of incentive to make a switch, and we would like to thank Xcel for sweetening the pot even more with their $100 rebates. If you have specific questions about what it would take to install a tankless water heater in your home, and to receive $100 back through Xcel Energy, do not hesitate to call us at  720-876-7166 or email our owner at