A Match Made in Eco-Friendly Heaven: Air Source Heat Pumps and Solar Power

In the Mile-High City, like much of the U.S., traditional home-heating and -cooling costs account for significant spend among homeowners, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. If you’re trying to figure out how to get ahead of these rising costs, how about considering the installation of an Air-Source Heat Pump (ASHP)?

Far less complex then it sounds, ASHPs make for extremely efficient heating and cooling solutions. By leveraging home air conditioners, ASHPs convert cool outside air into warm inside temperatures in winter and reverse the cycle in summer. Under the right conditions, home-heating expenses are reduced by an estimated 50 percent, while delivering up to three times more heat energy than electrical energy consumed by the system.

If your home is outfitted with solar panels, it’s a match made in eco-friendly heaven. The two systems can work in tandem to heat and cool a home, ultimately making ASHPs an inexpensive system to operate. The combo takes you one step closer to achieving a reduced carbon footprint and solid return on your investment.

Added incentives for the deployment of ASHPs, like many energy-efficient solutions, are cash rebates from Xcel Energy and select Metro Area counties for the purchase of eligible, high-efficiency equipment. For complete details on available rebate offers, review Xcel Energy’s Programs & Rebates.

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