Xcel Energy Rebates for Premium HVAC Solutions, Equipment

At Sensible Heating & Cooling, we value premium HVAC systems and equipment at cost-effective price points. To achieve this philosophy and outfit our customers with superior solutions, we partner with Xcel Energy to provide maximum savings opportunities. With Xcel, homeowners can take advantage of nearly 30 rebates, rewards and program opportunities. Two of our favorite rebates currently available include:

Heating Equipment Rebates

Heating and cooling account for almost half of the energy use in a typical home. By upgrading to a 95 percent efficient furnace, homeowners can decrease their heating bill, while saving energy and getting cash back with a rebate.

  • Rebate options: When you purchase a natural gas furnace, you’re eligible for a $300 rebate; 2. If you purchase 95 percent efficient furnace with an electrically controlled motor for heating and cooling, you’re eligible for a $ 100 rebate; 3. If you purchase 95 percent efficient furnace with an electrically controlled motor for heating only, you’re eligible for a $ 100 rebate.
  • Long-term benefits: These rebates help you save on more efficient equipment. You’ll also save energy and money every year for nearly 18 years – the average life of a furnace.
  • Rebate deadline: 2019

Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pump (ASHP) and ground source heat pump (GSHP) systems provide heating, as well as cooling. Rebates on these systems help offset the initial cost of energy-efficient equipment.

  • Rebate options: Purchase and install a Standard Efficiency AC/ASHP and you’ll be eligible for a $300 rebate; 2. When you install a GSHP, you’re eligible for a $300 rebate per heating ton; 3. If you install a high-efficiency ASHP, you could get up to $500 back.
  • Long-term benefits: Under the right conditions, ASHP and GSHP can reduce home-heating expenses by an estimated 50 percent, while delivering up to three times more heat energy than electrical energy consumed by the system.
  • Rebate deadline: TBD

Rebates don’t last forever; you’ll have to act on these before they disappear. Learn more about Xcel’s currently available residential rebates.

Sensible Heating & Cooling is a preferred participating contractor of Xcel Energy. We are NATE Certified and an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau; plus, we always conduct complimentary consultations to determine cost-effective, efficient residential HVAC systems right for your home. Contact us today. 720-876-7166 / [email protected] / [email protected].

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