Unravel Your Furnace’s Obituary with Proactive Tips for Optimal Function

A long and prosperous life. This is the plea many homeowners implore when purchasing a home-heating system. Truth be told: the standard lifespan of a furnace is somewhere between 15- and 20-years. To ensure the longevity of your furnace, consider these four tips:

1. Adopt an annual maintenance routine. You can extend the life of your furnace by at least a few years, when you complete regular annual maintenance. Think of it as an oil change for your car – the furnace runs more efficiently, and you get a heads up on potential problems before they turn into emergencies.
2. Clean the ducts every few years. Cleaning your ducts regularly prevents the build-up of dirt, dust and pet hair. These things can make your furnace sluggish and cause damage in the long-run.
3. Reduce clutter around the furnace. Clutter around your furnace is unsafe and forces the furnace to work harder.
4. Install a programmable thermostat. Schedule when you want your heat on; you’ll save energy-related costs and reduce wear and tear.

If you suspect your furnace is reaching the end of its lifespan, contact Sensible Heating & Cooling at 720-876-7166. We’ll check its vital signs and provide you with solace. If its indeed time to purchase a new system, we’ll assist with selecting a viable replacement, in addition to the completion of Xcel Energy rebates to help recoup the cost of the system.

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