Your air conditioning unit can be a temperamental beast, but when handled with care, it will purr like a loveable kitten! We’re flexing our HVAC expertise to bring you a dose of unusual tips (in no particular order) for a maintaining happy, healthy air conditioning unit:

  • Change your filters. Late summer is the perfect time to swap out old filters for new. This will keep cool air flowing and your furnace (the component pushing the cool air out) in good working order.
  • Train Fido to do his business elsewhere. For many of us, our dogs are masters of their backyard domain and if your air conditioning unit lives back there too, this can be a problem. Dogs may mistake the air conditioner for a personal fire hydrant causing the metal exterior to corrode and require rapid replacement of the entire unit.
  • Chicken coop caution. Urban farming is fast becoming a popular past time. If you raise chickens, keep the coop, poop and feathers far from the air conditioner. Feathers can clog internal components warranting repair, if not replacement.
  • In the buff is better. You want to protect your expensive and valuable AC unit, makes sense. But consider this – air conditioners are designed to be kept outdoors. Should someone forget to remove the cover when the unit is turned on again, the compressor will burn up and you’ll wish you never had the cover to begin with. Trust us.
  • Water the flowers. An air conditioner is a piece of electrical equipment. For heaven’s sake, don’t spray water on it. Leave any cleanup to the professionals when they’re out for annual service.
  • Home décor/electronics. Avoid placing lamps or TV sets near the thermostat or window units. A thermostat senses heat from these appliances, which can cause the air conditioner to run longer than necessary.

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