Spring into New and Improved Indoor Air Quality

If you’re looking to clean the air inside your home this spring, we can help. When you spend the majority of your time indoors, you want to make sure that the air you’re breathing is clean, and that starts by improving your indoor air quality (IAQ). 

The air you breathe inside your home can be affected by a number of things—dust, pollen, bacteria, smoke, and even humidity. So if you’re looking to get rid of pesky odors, neutralize toxins, and eliminate unwanted airborne particles, there are plenty of products that can help.

Check Your Indoor Air Quality Standards

Air filters are great if you want to get rid of dust buildup, and they can be easily installed onto an HVAC system. And air purifiers can help to sanitize the air inside of a home, so if you’re looking to rid your home of the smell of smoke, this is the option to go with. Plus, some air purifier options work to enhance IAQ without producing harmful by-products or ozone.

Consider Your Home’s Humidity Levels

Air humidifiers help maintain the humidity within a home, which should be between 33-55% relative humidity. Keeping your home’s humidity levels at an ideal range doesn’t just help to reduce seasonal viruses, allergies, and asthmatic symptoms, but it also helps improve the home itself. The right humidity levels can protect your wood floors and cabinets and stop them from shrinking, expanding, and cracking.

We’re Experts in Air Filtration and Air Purification

Our Sensible team has the system knowledge, installation capabilities, and expertise in air filtration and air purification and can improve the IAQ inside your home. We can help install air filters onto your HVAC system and help you decide on which make and model works for your home. We can also help install an air purifier, like an iWave Air Purifier, through the ductwork to enhance your IAQ without producing harmful by-products or ozone.

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