The call for help by local charities has been answered as people look for new purpose in the ever changing situation and new realities we face today. Sensible Heating & Cooling is proud to report our partners, Food for Hope have continued its mission of feeding local school kids in a time of need. Since local, state and national regulations have sent children home from schools, Food for Hope volunteers continue to pack upwards of 2,250 emergency food bags each week to distribute at mobile feeding sites. In just two weeks donors have contributed over $20,000 toward Food for Hope’s emergency efforts.

Since the beginning of the partnership on March 1st with the Adams County, non-profit, Sensible Heating & Cooling has had more than a dozen customers take advantage of its offer to donate up to $100 to help. If you need a new furnace, AC or full HVAC system, act now and you’ll do much more than improve the quality of just your home.

Sensible will donate up to $100 to Food for Hope: $25 donation for an estimate, $50 for installation of a furnace or A/C and $100 for installation of a full HVAC system. All donations are made in the name of the customer. Choosing Sensible’s expertise now comes with a greater sense of purpose for you, your community and the world we live in. For questions about the partnership, or to join the movement, Contact Sensible Heating & Cooling at 720-876-7166 or via email /

About Food for Hope

The Adams County-based children’s charity is on a mission to empower and nourish the future of its community by providing nutritious food to children in need. In 2018, Food for Hope volunteers helped distribute more than 15,000 bags of nutritious food for children and their families. Food for Hope’s goal is to one day help children in every school district in Adams County, as well as help students who may not receive adequate food at home.

About Sensible Heating & Cooling

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