Sensible Ideas to Continue the Clean-Air Trend

Turns out the silver lining in our battle against CoronaVirus is the apparent reduction of pollutants from our skylines as people have been forced to stay home. As the air clears Sensible Heating & Cooling continues to provide environmentally friendly options that can keep your home and business cool in the summer and comfortable during chilly spring evenings.

Carbon monoxide levels in the Denver metro area have fallen by 20% for March 2020.1 The reduction in other unhealthy gases and particles could be linked to the recent ‘stay-at-home’ order by the Governor although state health department workers are mainly focused on stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Now is the time to look at changing out fossil-fuel based heating & cooling systems for more efficient and environmentally friendly options.

A great example of this movement to help reduce our carbon footprint comes from the city of Boulder, Colo. Boulder is working to develop a community-owned local electric utility functioning solely on renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind, to bring clean, affordable and reliable electricity to those within its municipality. Local power, as it’s known, is a key component of Boulder’s Energy Future strategy, as well as the city’s Climate Commitment.

Perusing 100 percent renewable electricity by 2030, Boulder is looking to limit its contribution to global climate change, while ensuring the economic benefits of alternative energies are realized. Today, all new buildings within the city limits are required to be solar-ready, and businesses and homes with installed solar electric or solar thermal systems on their property may be eligible for tax rebates. To learn more about Boulder’s energy future, visit


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