Aaron Small

Sensible Participates in Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day

At Sensible Heating & Cooling, we value family. Yours and ours. We also understand the importance of strong, unwavering work ethic, passion and devotion. That’s why each year, we embrace and wholeheartedly support Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day, celebrated in late April.

During this year’s single-day, nationwide event, HVAC Installer and Technician, Aaron Small, brought with him to work his teenage son, Eli. Throughout the day, the pair reveled in HVAC maintenance and repairs, customer service and industry-related lingo. Aaron’s skill and acumen are indispensable with his attentive nature to each and every detail. Working alongside his dad, Eli saw first-hand future job possibilities and the value of education.

To all our customers, current and prospective, you’re like family to us. Thanks for choosing The Sensible Way.

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