Go big or go home. Not the case if you’re a ductless mini-split system. These non-traditional HVAC systems – also, known as a mini split or ductless split – pack a punch with their small, but mighty ability to heat and/or cool a large room or open floor of a home.

Mounted on walls or ceilings, these mini-giants convert heat from outside the home and transfer it inside, when set to cooling heating mode. Switch to heat cool mode and the process is reversed. Extended feats of strength include self-reliance with no dependency upon your home’s duct work to distribute air, and an ability to heat/cool roughly 300-3,000 square-feet with just one mini-split. This alone has many advantages. No wasted energy, no maintenance or install fees on ducts, and each room gets its own temperature control and filter. It all adds up to more efficient, cleaner air. And, if you’re planning an extension onto your home, never mind upgrading your home’s central air system; simply add a split as you need.

Going ductless can save you a minimum of 30 percent in energy, when compared to a central system of the same size. This alone will pay for itself over time. So, if you’re done paying enormous energy bills, contact Sensible Heating & Cooling owners Dan Schmied and Phil Jensen at 720-876-7166 or via email dan@sensibleheat.net / phil@sensibleheat.net we’ll conduct a complimentary consultation to determine if this pint-size solution is right for your home. Sensible is Denver’s premier heating and cooling company.

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Sensible Heating & Cooling is Denver’s Premier Heating & Cooling company, offering a wealth of experience and knowledge in traditional HVAC, as well as alternative systems such as geothermal, heat pumps and boilers. To learn more about Sensible, visit https://sensibleheat.net/.