Ever heard of an Air-Source Heat Pump (ASHP)? If not, allow us to get you properly acquainted. These guys, an underutilized resource for residential HVAC needs, will seamlessly convert cool outside air into warm inside temperatures Under the right conditions, they can reduce home-heating expenses by an estimated 50 percent, while delivering up to three times more heat energy than electrical energy consumed by the system.

Today, non-traditional methods, like ASHPs and geothermal solutions, are gaining in popularity as cost-efficient and carbon-footprint reducing options. For good reason, too. In the U.S., traditional home-heating and -cooling methods account for the largest energy expense among majority of homes, according to the Department of Energy.

Add ASHPS to you list of considerations when an existing heat or air conditioning system requires replacement, or if home renovations or a new build is in your future. Like many energy-efficient solutions, cash rebates from Xcel Energy and select Metro Area counties are available for the purchase of an eligible, ASHP. Visit the U.S. Department of Energy’s website and see for yourself. Sensible will always conduct a complimentary consultation to determine if a geothermal or ASHP solution is right for your home.

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