This fall in Colorado has been very difficult for a lot of allergy and asthma sufferers as the smoke from the fires in the Western part of the United States has been affecting all of us. Even those people who don’t normally suffer from these ailments have been struggling. At Sensible Heating & Cooling, we wanted to remind everyone that we can help with your Indoor Air Quality by installing whole house humidifiers, Micro Power Guard Air Filters, and for those clients with even more serious issues, we can provide UV Lights. Although the smoke won’t last forever, cold and flu season is also right around the corner, and all of these things can help you stay healthy this summer too.

· Whole House Humidifier: Installing a whole-house humidifier this time of year is hugely helpful to getting you and your family through the dry winter that is sure to be ahead. This humidifier, unlike a room humidifier, is installed directly onto your furnace, and helps increase the humidity in your entire home by introducing a small amount of water vapor into the air. This provides many benefits, including helping with respiratory issues, keeping your family more comfortable, and also protecting your hardwood floors from drying out. In a climate as dry as Colorado, homeowners see a great benefit both their health and their home.

· MicroPowerGuard Filter: This filter is ideal for homes where residents have severe allergies or asthma. In Colorado, many homeowners also see a lot of benefit from the extra filtration even if they don’t have health issues, simply because the dry climate causes a lot more dust in the home. These filters have proprietary, state of the art technology that helps remove even more dust, dirt and germs from the air than a regular furnace filter. We can install them for you, and provide the filters, which need to be changed about every six months. They are on special this fall, so call us today if you are interested.

· UV Lights: These lights, which are used in hospitals and other high-grade medical facilities, are proven to kill mold and bacteria. While we don’t typically see a lot of homes with mold issues in Colorado, these can be ideal for homes where residents have compromised immune systems either due to age or other medical conditions. They are extremely effective at killing bacteria, and homeowners who install them report much healthier households, especially in the winter months. If you would like more information, please ask our techs or estimators for more details.

As we head into the winter months, Sensible Heating & Cooling is glad to help you increase the comfort of your home, and have a healthier winter overall! We would be glad to answer any questions and discuss options and pricing with you. Simply give us a call today at 720.876.7166 or email Phil directly at