We are often asked what the differences are between geothermal and air source heat pumps. While both are much more environmentally friendly than a traditional HVAC system, there are some very important differences for homeowners to consider.

· Geothermal Heat Pumps draw energy from a loop that is buried underground: While both systems use air from the outside environment to heat and cool your home, geothermal uses a ground source loop that is buried underground when the system is installed. Air Source systems use an above-ground fan and heat exchanger that looks very similar to a traditional condensing unit (the outside air conditioning unit). A geothermal system will require much more intensive labor to get the loop placed correctly underground, while an air source system will be much more similar to replacing a traditional system.

· Geothermal Systems are traditionally much more expensive: Because of the labor-intensive nature of the geothermal system, and the amount of design required up front, geothermal systems are traditionally much pricier. Air Source systems are generally more similar to replacing or installing a traditional system, however, the equipment is more expensive. Typically a traditional system (furnace and air conditioner) is the least expensive, the geothermal system is the most expensive, and the air source heat pump systems is somewhere in the middle. Geothermal systems do last the longest, and save the most energy, so typically homeowners who choose this route are very happy with their investment.

· Air Source Heat Pumps are less disruptive to install in an existing home: Because geothermal systems require that an underground loop is installed, many homeowners who are building a home or doing a large remodel choose this option because the ground loop can be installed with less overall disruption. Homeowners who are looking for a more efficient system that is more environmentally friendly, but are doing a more traditional replacement that doesn’t include a new home or large remodel, often choose the air source heat pump.

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