How R-22 Will Nickel and Dime You

Last month, Sensible Heating & Cooling devoted an entire blog to the Federal Government’s fast-approaching 2020 deadline to eliminate the production of R-22 refrigerant. In this edition we’re shedding more light on what production limitations mean for your wallet, if you continue to rely upon R-22 for cool air within your home.

While this 2015 Angie’s List Article, “What Is a Fair Price for R-22 Refrigerant?” is slightly dated, it best explains the R-22 situation. In it is an explanation that if your AC unit calls for R-22 and has any cracks, it will continuously leak the refrigerant necessary for operation and require you to pay increasingly higher prices per pound to maintain its functioning.

Have a read of the article. If it motivates you to seek confirmation of whether your AC is R-22 refrigerant-reliant and/or any leaks are present, call Sensible Heating & Cooling at 720-876-7166. Our highly trained and skilled technicians will complete a thorough analysis of your unit. We’re currently waiving our standard $89 diagnostic fee, as well as providing free estimates for new equipment and system replacement. Plus, with the purchase of an air conditioner, furnace or full HVAC system, customers will receive one year free of added protection and maintenance with Sensible’s Annual Service Agreements.

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