Gaining Peace of Mind with HVAC Maintenance and Upgrades

On this month’s podcast Phil talks about options that customers have when asking about electrification. Maintenance through Sensible Heating & Cooling works to keep your HVAC system running at top efficiency. It’s a simple beginning that keeps you warm and safe. Air source heat pumps are a simple beginning to your journey toward sustainability and …

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New Energy Efficiency Ratings Put Pressure on HVAC Industry

New Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rates (SEER) will push HVAC system manufacturers to do better but pushes prices higher for consumers. Phil and Cory talk about the changes ahead and what consumers can do now. Plus, Sensible’s partnership with Bryant and a trip to the convention in Las Vegas. https://episodes.castos.com/625ef258037429-85615213/40444/8eb42444-f916-441f-8b21-ea2283f0f0bc/Sensible-podcast007-December-2022.mp3

Electrification vs Rising Natural Gas Bills

Episode 6: Sensible’s Phil Jensen talks about the savings available for homes installed with environmentally friendly geothermal systems or air source heat pumps vs the rising costs of natural gas and heating oil. Plus, Phil and Cory discuss the idea of changing the name of the podcast to “Electrification.” https://episodes.castos.com/625ef258037429-85615213/40444/5436395a-45d5-4165-9566-6b4c2d73bd05/Sensible-podcast006-Nov-2022.mp3

Why Geothermal with Amanda Jachym Part 2

Part two of Amanda and Phil’s conversation around electrification. Amanda talks about Colorado’s new laws that can help push cleaner alternatives for heating & cooling. https://episodes.castos.com/625ef258037429-85615213/40444/c0c7eeee-6506-4088-87f3-50a1cd167ad0/Sensible-podcast005-Amanda-Jachym-Part-2.mp3

Making Better Opportunities to Work in the HVAC Industry

The team at Sensible Heating & Cooling are always learning and investing in new knowledge of the HVAC industry. In this episode Co-owner Phil Jensen discusses what Sensible does to promote an educational work environment that can turn into a long-term career. Learn more about a Sensible career. https://episodes.castos.com/625ef258037429-85615213/40444/843af363-4be9-4f21-8547-938e037c96af/Sensible-Podcast003-Making-Better-Opportunities-to-Work-in-the-HVAC-Industry.mp3

Recharge or Replace Your Air Conditioner

Sensible Heating & Cooling’s Phil Jensen answers questions about when and what to do when thinking about replacing your air conditioner. When things are not getting cool anymore is it time to go with more energy efficient options or repair what you have? Answers inside. https://episodes.castos.com/625ef258037429-85615213/40444/a7d50a53-8659-4c25-988f-15132b5a1655/Sensible-podcast002-Recharge-or-Replace-Your-Air-Conditioner.mp3

The HVAC Industry is Always Changing

Sensible Heating & Cooling’s Phil Jensen chats about the many improvements and challenges over the years he has dealt with in the HVAC industry. From boilers & portable A/C units to air source heat pumps and geothermal the changes are better for all of us. https://episodes.castos.com/625ef258037429-85615213/40444/7b2d181e-4806-4a51-95e8-321ef68ee441/Sensible-podcast001-The-HVAC-Industry-is-Always-Changing.mp3 Links discussed on this episode: Denverite April 14, 2022: …

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