It’s clearly winter in Colorado – the landscape shows it, our clothing choices protect us from it…and you know what else? Carbon Monoxide (CO) warnings alarm us.

When cold weather begins, households turn on their furnaces for the first time in months causing the potential for carbon monoxide safety issues to surge. A well-maintained furnace won’t emit CO into your home. Keep these things in mind to ensure your furnace is functioning properly:

  • Furnaces with cracked heat exchanger can be dangerous. When qualified HVAC professional complete furnace tune-ups, they use a camera to illuminate the entire heat exchanger to ensure there are no cracks.
  • Poor installation of furnaces can cause carbon monoxide leaks. A city permit must to be obtained prior to installation and inspections completed before it is safe to use a new unit.
  • Furnaces need to be properly maintained. All furnaces should receive an annual tune-up to tackle repairs promptly. Likewise, homeowners should change filters frequently.

CO Safety Tips

  1. CO is a colorless and odorless gas, so it is difficult to detect. That’s why each area of your home should have a dedicated CO detector.
  2. Have dated CO-emitting appliances inspected by a qualified professional to ensure proper ventilation.
  3. Know the symptoms of CO poisoning: headaches, dizziness, nausea/flu-like symptoms, shortness of breath, and confusion or memory problems.

Don’t take CO safety lightly! If you have any questions or concerns, call your local fire department or Xcel Energy. Both can help to determine if there’s indeed a problem and point you in the direction of a solution.

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