What to Know About Geothermal System Maintenance

If you’re just getting started with geothermal system maintenance or you just got your geothermal system installed and don’t know where to start with upkeep, we can help.

Geothermal systems are well worth the investment as they are made to last long-term if you continue to have them serviced and keep them maintained and working in proper order. 

Tips to Keep in Mind for Geothermal System Maintenance

Interested in learning about geothermal system maintenance? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Make sure to change your air filters regularly with IAQ products specifically designed for your geothermal system
  • Our certified technicians can help keep dirt and debris out of the internal components of your system during scheduled check-ups 
  • Our team of experts can also help check thermostats to see if they’re properly calibrated and programmed to meet your preferences
  • To make sure your ground loops—the heart of the geothermal system—are running efficiently, our technicians can perform tests and visual inspections  

Air Source Heat Pumps are Another Heating & Cooling Option

If you’re interested in a more cost-effective route, then there are Air Source Heat Pumps. Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) can be fully electric or have a gas furnace for backup heat. What they do is work with different-sized homes by converting cool outside air into warm internal temperatures during the winter months while converting warm outside air into cool internal temperatures during summer. They pull heat from the air and transfer it to the home. 

Want to know how to keep your Air Source Heat Pump running smoothly after it’s installed? Here’s what to keep top of mind: 

  • Our certified technicians can help keep your heat pump’s components and coils dirt-free, as well as replace filters, to improve indoor air quality 
  • Our team of experts can also help check thermostats to see if they’re properly calibrated and programmed to meet your preferences 
  • Like a traditional heating and cooling system, heat pumps use freon, and our technicians can help check the pressure, performance, and components in order to make sure your heat pump is running at maximum efficiency

Sensible Can Support with Installation and Maintenance

What we want you to know is that our service doesn’t stop after installation is complete. We’re here to help you keep your systems operating at peak performance so they run efficiently all year long. We have on-call availability to fix problems as they arise, as well as our new live chat support feature, and we also offer annual service agreement options for you to choose from. Our technicians are experienced in dealing with both traditional and alternative heating and cooling systems and we want to do what we can to help you save energy and ensure your home is comfortable during every season. They call us Colorado’s geothermal experts for a reason!

Want to learn more about how we can help? Get in touch with our Sensible team today! 

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