As the weather gets colder, some Coloradoans are already considering turning on their furnace. A lot of our clients feel nervous to flip on the heat for the first time, so here are a few things that you should keep in mind as you make the switch to heating your home rather than cooling it.

Filter Change: It’s a great idea to change your filter before you do anything else. If you have a whole house humidifier, remember that you should change your water panel about every two years as well, and checking it before you turn on your humidifier is a good plan as well. In Colorado, we recommend keeping your humidistat between 25-35%, depending on your own personal preference. If you start to get condensation on the inside of your windows, its probably a little too high.
Weather: It is a good idea not to wait until it is freezing outside to check your furnace for the first time. If it is cool, give you furnace a test run to make sure it is working properly.
Smell: A lot of our clients report a funny smell in the ducts the first time they flip on the heat. Although this can be alarming, it is somewhat normal. The smell should not be anything like gas, just more of a musty burning smell that comes from the furnace lying dormant all summer. If it goes away, you should be okay, but if not, it is a good idea to get a furnace maintenance performed.
CO Detectors: It is always a good idea to have carbon monoxide detectors in your home, but this is especially true the first time you run for your furnace for the winter. Keep an eye on the detectors to make sure your furnace is still safe. If you are considering investing in detectors this winter, please call us for recommendations for your specific situation. We are happy to help you find the best ones.
For more questions, or to schedule a furnace maintenance before the winter months, please call us today at 720-876-7166 or email owner Dan Schmied directly at