Colorado is currently in the midst of an incredibly dry winter, and all of us are suffering from the dry indoor air. So what options do you have for increasing the comfort of your home? Here are a few things that Sensible Heating & Cooling offers to help combat the dry air.

· Whole House Humidifiers: Installing a whole house humidifier on your furnace is probably one of the quickest and easiest fixes for the dry winter air. We offer several different units for your home, and most are very low maintenance, only requiring a water panel change once every year or two. If you install a humidifier, you will need to run a trickle of water constantly, which will increase your water bill by a few dollars each month.

· Steam Humidifiers: For homes that are larger, or have a boiler system, a steam humidifier can be a great option to add humidity to the air. They are much more expensive than traditional whole house humidifiers, but they are also much more effective and help increase the comfort and value of your home greatly.

· Consider Adding a Swamp Cooler: Although this won’t help much in the winter months, during the summer, an evaporative (swamp) cooler will add much needed moisture to the air while also cooling the air. Evaporative coolers also require running water, but they are often less expensive to run than a traditional air conditioner.

For more ideas or pricing on a steam humidifier or evaporative cooler, please call us today! Sensible Heating & Cooling owner Dan Schmied can be reached directly at or 720.876.7166.