Looking for fool-proof ways to maximize the life span of your home’s furnace? Sensible Heating & Cooling has a few suggestions. Following these simple tips will keep your furnace healthy and functioning properly for winters to come, no matter the temperature. If it’s too late and your furnace is done for, call Sensible today. We’ll send one of our highly trained HVAC professionals to your home for a full analysis of your heating system. Don’t let these mild temperatures fool you; winter is on its way. And by the way, a furnace typically lasts between 15 and 20 years.

Tips for Keeping Your Furnace Functioning Properly

1. Follow an annual maintenance routine. Consider it a “well-furnace” visit. By scheduling regular maintenance, you’ll extend the life of your furnace by a few years. Plus, you’ll be informed of any potential problems before an emergency occurs.

2. Have your airs ducts cleaned every few years. Keeping your air ducts free of dirt, dust and pet hair build-up will keep your furnace running in optimal condition. You’ll reduce the spread of germs in your home, too.

3. Let you furnace breathe. Is your furnace surrounded by clutter? If so, its time to organize and give it a little space. Clutter around your furnace can be unsafe and can cause the furnace to work harder.

4. Install and use a programmable thermostat. Scheduling when (days and times) you want your furnace to run spares the system from running nonstop. The scheduled programming also saves you energy, and ultimately, money.

If you have additional questions about the life span and well-being of your furnace, or you would like to schedule annual maintenance for any of your home HVAC systems, call Sensible Heating & Cooling today at 720-876-7166 or email us at dan@sensibleheat.net / phil@sensibleheat.net.