What are “Swamp Coolers”?

At Sensible Heating and Cooling, we often get inquiries about swamp coolers, also known as evaporative coolers, especially since Colorado is such a dry climate. Many people are interested in knowing the benefits to a swamp cooler as opposed to an air conditioner. There are several benefits, particularly if your home does not have a traditional duct system because it is older, or perhaps because you have a boiler or propane heat system. Below are a few of the biggest benefits to installing an evaporative cooler:

· An evaporative cooler runs on water, which does provide a certain amount of humidity through the house. This can be nice during the summer months when it is very dry in Colorado.

· We encourage our clients to keep the windows in the home open while running an evaporative cooler, which provides fresh air in the home, while also keeping it cool. Many people prefer this to keeping the windows closed year-round to help keep their system running at peak efficiency.

· Evaporative coolers are a great alternative for those who have a boiler or propane heat system since they do not utilize a traditional air duct system.

· If maintained correctly, evaporative coolers can have a long life and work very efficiently for a long time.

Evaporative coolers do require a twice-yearly maintenance, because the water line needs to be connected in the spring and disconnected in the winter to prevent freezing. They also have pads that should be replaced each year to keep the system clean and running efficiently.

If you are interested in learning more about evaporative coolers and the details of getting one installed or maintained, please call Dan Schmied at 720-876-7166 or email him directly at dan@sensibleheat.net.