With the heat of summer here people often focus on their air conditioners and forget about their furnaces. Why should you worry about your furnace during the summer? Well, your furnace is actually the source of cooling for your home.

You see, when your air conditioner pushes that cool air into your home, it goes through your furnace before it is circulated throughout the house. So, even though your furnace isn’t creating heat this time of year, it still needs to be in good running shape to keep you nice and cool

The most important step to keeping your furnace running efficiently all year is to keep up with those filter changes. The cleaner your air filter is, the less energy your system will be using to circulate that cool air. And the more efficient everything is running, the less stress you are putting on your air conditioner and furnace and the less money you will spend on those energy bills. So, don’t forget to change your filter this summer!

Also, when it comes time to turn your furnace back on this fall there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, dust can build up in your system so the first time you turn on your heat you may smell a faint burning smell. That is normal. The other thing to keep in mind that fall is a great time to get that furnace tuned up so it can run all winter long at its best!

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