Shining Light on Heat Pumps and Solar Panels

In a previous blog, ‘You Have Options: Home-Heating and Cooling Systems’ we scratched the surface of heat pumps, specifically Air-Source Heat Pumps (ASHP); in this installment, we’re shining the light on the connection between heat pumps and solar panels.

You’re already well-versed on a heat pump’s ability to take heat from outside and move it indoors and out via electricial energy to heat and cool. Now, add photovoltaics (PV) modules, or solar panels, paired with sunlight, and the three components begin working together to produce electric energy and the transfer of warm and cool air.

There’s undeniable compatibility between reducing carbon footprints and a solid return on investment when a homeowner install a heat pump. Research indicates the average annual savings of homes outfitted with heat pumps is around $300. Taking it step further, this modified union of heat pumps, PV modules and nature-produced sunlight is a solid win. Often times, homeowners can obtain rebates for heat pumps and most certainly, for PV modules.

If your home is already outfitted with PV modules, or you’re considering a heat pump for your home, a reduced carbon footprint and financial gain is within your reach when you contact Sensible Heating & Cooling. As Colorado’s leading geothermal expert, Sensible has the high-quality training and expertise you need to make home-heating and cooling options a reality.