With the tax year wrapping up and so much economic uncertainty ahead, we wanted to make sure customers know about our 12-month no interest financing plan through Synchrony Financial.

Good for all equipment installs, the plan allows customers the freedom to take care of their HVAC system upgrades now and have up to a year to pay it off with no interest! Monthly minimum payments must still be made to keep the special rate active.

There are so many reasons to put off home repairs and upgrades, but we propose there are some strong ones for taking care of your installs before year’s end:

  • Why start to save later? Our energy-efficient products shrink customer’s utility bills. We utilize the most energy-efficient equipment in the industry and optimize it to fit your home with expertise. With 0% interest on the first year, and savings on your bills from day one, that’s home comfort and a return on your investment.
  • Tax credits are here today, but what about tomorrow? With the federal government’s recent transition into new leadership also comes uncertainty. One of the main issues looming is how the tax code will change. We can promise customers tax credits today, and hope for tax credits tomorrow. Why not lock in the existing tax advantages that our environmentally friendly HVAC products carry for your 2016 returns? Just to be sure.
  • Rebates rebates…rebates? A great benefit in installing our equipment are the rebates energy companies give you, the customer, because the efficiency your home will operate with helps everybody on the grid. That being said, rebates change year to year, and are largely dependent on the state of the nation’s economy. One large hike in the federal interest rate, a catastrophic event, or a sharp change in oil prices can easily put rebates in limbo. We are not saying we know what will happen, we are simply saying that these rebates are better than ever and sometimes great things can’t last.

Any change in thought about putting off those home upgrades now? I’m sure you have questions. We are happy to help answer those, and promise to help guide you through the process of securing financing and getting the best out of potential tax credits and rebates if you decide to move forward. Please give us a call at 720-876-7166 or shoot owner Dan Schmied an email at dan@sensibleheat.net. We offer free consultations to help you make the right decision for your financial health and your home.