Radiant floors are increasing in popularity, and we have had several questions about how well they work in homes, and why you should consider installing them in your home. This blog post will help with some information on how radiant floors work, and if they are a good option for you.

Sensible Heating & Cooling normally installs hydronic (water-based) radiant heat systems, because they are the most cost-effective, and distribute the heat more evenly than other systems. In laymen’s terms, radiant heat is installed in the floor, and it depends heavily on convection, or the circulation of the heat as the air rises into the room. It is very effective, and generally lowers the cost of energy bills as well. It is a great option if you are already remodeling your home, or have a boiler system in your home. Here are a few reasons that people prefer it:

· Efficiency: This is one of the main reasons to install radiant floor heat. It lowers your energy bills, and it eliminates the natural loss of heat through duct systems.

· Allergens: People with allergies or respiratory problems often prefer radiant heat as well, because forced air systems can distribute allergens through your home. Since radiant floors use hydronic systems and convection, this is not an issue and can cause less problems with allergies.

· Options: Radiant floors can be installed with a variety of systems, including solar, to help decrease your energy costs and environmental impact even more.

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