In Colorado, most furnaces will last between 15-20 years, which is fortunate considering that in more humid climates, homeowners can only expect about 12-15 years out of their furnace. However, there are a few things that you can do to keep your furnace running well for even longer, and have fewer issues as well.

· Annual Maintenance: First and foremost, you will want to invest in an annual maintenance of your furnace each fall. Having a professional check out your furnace each year is similar to getting an oil change performed on your car. It will keep your furnace running efficiently and safely, as well as give you the heads up to any potential issues for the upcoming winter. In addition, a professional will change the filters and give the furnace a light cleaning.

· Duct Cleaning: Another thing that will help your furnace run longer is getting your ducts cleaned on a regular basis. Build-up of dirt, dust and pet hair in your ducts will eventually make your furnace sluggish and could cause damage in the long run. Dirty ducts are also unhealthy for your family, and having them cleaned will help keep you all from getting sick in the winter months.

· Keep the Area Around the Furnace Clear: If you have an unfinished basement, it is easy to let clutter collect around the furnace. Not only is this unsafe, it can also make your furnace work harder in the winter months, which will eventually shorten the life of your system. Try to keep the clutter to a minimum, at least around the furnace area.

· Install a Programmable Thermostat: By scheduling the times your furnace will run throughout the days and weeks, you will keep your furnace from kicking on and running unnecessarily. You will save energy, but you will also likely lengthen the life of your furnace by keeping it from running all the time.

Follow these tips to keep your furnace healthy, and therefore prolong the life of your system. To schedule a maintenance, call us today! Sensible Heating & Cooling’s owner Dan Schmied can be reached at 720.876.7166 or today.