Our Partnership with Bryant Colorado

Our very own Phil Jensen took part in the National Bryant Dealer Convention last year—the first since 2006. These conventions are a great way for thousands of dealers to get together and stay informed, educated, and entertained.

Topics discussed at the convention included new EPA regulations as well as SEER ratings. There was a push this year for higher efficiency ratings on heating and cooling systems based on real-world conditions, especially as new equipment is starting to be rolled out.

Sensible is proud to be a Bryant dealer and to have some of the highest-rated equipment according to SEER ratings. Our training and technology have only gotten better over the years, and now our technicians can use their cell phones to communicate directly with newer HVAC equipment. It goes to show that you have to have a level of technical knowledge and skills to do this job well. As we like to say, alternate energy is the way of the future, but having the right equipment and team is essential to get the job done right. 

And Phil actually got to experience the way of the future at this year’s convention. “I tried on these VR goggles and was able to work on troubleshooting an air conditioner.” 

At Sensible, we always stay ahead of the curve, even if it’s testing out virtual reality!

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