Maintenance Now Saves Time & Money

Avoid surprises as the seasons change from hot to cold by scheduling your Sensible maintenance check now. Schedule now to find any issues before the weather changes.

Right now, Sensible can check out your heating & cooling systems and avoid any supply chain issues if you need repairs. Supply chain issues happen during the peak times for everyone checking out their systems. Avoid the issues by scheduling a maintenance check now.

When you schedule your maintenance check ask about Sensible’s annual service contracts to keep your system running at peak efficiency all year long.

What you get when a Sensible technician comes for a ‘well-furnace’ visit:

  • Inspecting all system components (electrical, gas, thermostat).
  • Performing a safety inspection of the furnace, flue, venting, and draft assembly.
  • Performing a camera inspection of the heat exchanger.
  • Clearing and checking the blower and flame sensor rod.
  • It’s also a good idea to replace your filters and Sensible can do that too!*

*We try to keep different filter sizes on hand, but ask that if you have a special filter to let us know or have one ready for us to change for you.

Call or email us today for more information: 720-876-7166 or

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