This cold and flu season has been quite the doozy.  At the doctor last week, she just sat down and asked, “So, do you have what everyone else has?” And though it might be run-of-the-mill for doctors, when you or your family is suffering from YET ANOTHER illness, it feels pretty significant.  So you might be wondering what a heating and cooling company can do about this, right?  But we are happy to say that we can help you avoid the next round of bugs with an UV light for your home.

A UV light can be installed in your heating and cooling system to prevent the spread of mold and bacteria through the air ducts in your home. The whole reason why we call this “cold and flu season” is because in the winter people are trapped indoors with recirculating air, thus getting sick more often.  But a UV light can nip that cycle in the bud.

UV lights are also particularly helpful for people with asthma or allergies. Some people actually say they notice when the bulb needs replacing simply because of an increase in respiratory distress ( Studies have been done on the UV’s effectiveness in killing bacteria ( and reducing airborne mold ( If hospitals are using this technology to protect their patients, you know that it is a safe and reliable approach!

You do have to replace the UV bulb about once a year because it will begin to lose its potency. We can provide information about how to purchase and replace new bulbs.

So if you have had it with being sick this winter, call us today at 720.876.7166, or email, to make an appointment to have your UV light professionally installed.

Maybe you can finally stop passing that box of Kleenex around.