Have you recently installed a geothermal system? Congratulations! We are extremely strong supporters of these energy efficient heating and cooling systems, and we’re sure that you’re already seeing an impact on your energy bills. As with any system, though, it’s important that you do regular geothermal system servicing to ensure that it continues to run smoothly and that you continue to maximize your savings.

Geothermal System Servicing: Preventative and Reactive Maintenance

Of course we do geothermal system servicing for systems that we have installed, but we also have a reputation for servicing all geothermal systems, especially ones that may have been installed improperly by another company or that are suddenly experiencing problems. As experts in geothermal, we can take a look at your system, diagnose the problem, and get it functioning at its peak.

We guarantee that Sensible’s geothermal system servicing will help your system run more efficiently, and you’ll experience additional energy bill savings as a result. So never hesitate to call if you are having a problem with your geothermal system, or if you just need a quick check up. You can reach Dan at 720.876.7166 or dan@sensibleheat.net.