Geothermal is a viable choice for residential and commercial heating and cooling. Born from traditional heating and cooling methods, the phenomena is increasing in popularity across the U.S.

Don’t just take our word for it. Government officials and advisory boards are buying into the momentum, as well. Colorado State University is actively completing installation of what will become the state’s (and the Western U.S.) largest ground-source heating and cooling system. The long-planned project includes a ground source heat pump for heating and cooling to reduce the campus’ energy consumption and costs.1 In Salt Lake City, the completion of the nation’s first net-zero-energy fire stations outfitted with a geothermal system, among other notable features.2

As for a residential geothermal portfolio? If you’re discussing geothermal HVAC solutions with your clients in the Denver Metro Area, you want Sensible Heating & Cooling involved. Whether the client needs a complete geothermal system, or routine maintenance and equipment repairs of an existing geothermal solution, the Sensible Team has wide-sweeping experience to make geothermal a reality.


1 Colorado State University, Test drilling on intramural fields first step in state’s largest geothermal project

2 ENR Engineering News Record, Best Government/Public Building: SLC Fire Station No. 14

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