Put your preconceived notions aside, Generations X, Y and Z in Colorado are onto something when it comes to being environmentally and cost-savings conscious. This gang is going gaga for geothermal HVAC solutions.

At Sensible Heating & Cooling, we give kudos to this multigenerational group – they’re increasingly considerate of the environment compared to generations before them; they want more money in their bank accounts and they’re players in the crowd securing majority of home-purchases these days. Playing up their money-conscious attributes, this group is paying special attention to Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP), the more conservatively attainable geothermal HVAC alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems. And to sweeten the pot even more, deployment of ASHPs, like many energy-efficient solutions, are rewarded with cash rebates from Xcel Energy and select Metro Area counties for the purchase of eligible, high-efficiency equipment.

ASHPs efficiently heat homes as they convert cool outside air into warm inside temperatures. In summer, the cycle reverses and the same unit acts as an air conditioner. In the U.S., traditional home-heating and -cooling methods account for the largest energy expense among majority of homes, according to the Department of Energy.

There’s undeniable compatibility between reducing one’s carbon footprint and achieving a solid return on investment with the installation of an Air-Source Heat Pump. Sensible Heating & Cooling has extensive experience in alternative energy systems sweeping the Centennial State. New or retrofit, we offer complimentary consultations to determine whether your home is suitable to make the switch to geothermal energy. Contact us today at 720-876-7166 or via email dan@sensibleheat.net / phil@sensibleheat.net to get started on your geothermal journey.

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