Find Out Who Makes Up the Sensible Team

For us, Sensible is more than a job; it’s a way of life. As a team, we can’t help but love the work we get to do each day for our customers. And there’s a good reason why we’ve been in business together for well over a decade. 

Every Sensible team member believes in this industry and the work we’re doing in the world. We are an HVAC company founded on the belief that Coloradans should have accessible and affordable ways to add geothermal, solar, and heat pumps within their homes.

Dan Schmied, Sensible’s owner and founder, has been working in the HVAC industry for 20 years and is committed to the alternative energy movement. Over the years, he’s grown the Sensible team with amazing staff members who have extensive knowledge and experience, having worked with traditional heating and cooling as well as alternative energy. Dan believes that we’re always learning and growing in this industry and is passionate about providing viable alternative energy options to homeowners so that we can all do our part to help the environment. It’s one of the reasons that Sensible has become a leader in the industry.

Phil Jensen joined the Sensible team after operating his own HVAC company for 22 years. He has extensive experience in the industry, having started in 1976, working on both the service and installation of systems for residential and commercial properties. He’s equally passionate about designing large-scale systems for commercial buildings, custom homes, and new buildings, as well as creating systems for homes that just need more comfort. And he’s dedicated to continuing the mission of providing alternative energy systems for homes throughout the Denver Metro Area.

Jo Jensen began her HVAC career in 1991, working with her husband Phil as part-owner of their HVAC company. Jo’s role quickly grew and evolved with her taking on responsibilities as office manager, bookkeeper, and dispatcher. Jo joined the Sensible team in 2011, two years after its founding, and has been an integral part of the team ever since. Customers know and love her, and she continues to help expand the reach of alternative energy in Colorado.

Together, the team of three operating Sensible knows a thing or two about the HVAC industry.

“We’re always learning new things and discovering a never-ending variety of challenges to overcome, which keep us going strong. We believe in positively impacting families and the environment, and that sentiment hasn’t changed after all of these years. We respect each other’s abilities and have learned how to seamlessly mesh our skills into a single functional unit. Together, we’re serving a larger purpose. We’re helping our employees and our customers achieve their dreams and ambitions, and we’re helping to reduce humanity’s footprint on the planet. We all believe in that mission, and it’s what keeps us going strong. We’re committed to serving, growing, and expanding personally and professionally, together as a Sensible team.” ~Dan, Phil & Jo

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