Ductless Air Conditioning

A lot of homes have one room or one section of the house that become nearly unbearable in the summer time. This is especially true if you have recently remodeled your home, or completed an addition. Luckily we do have a solution that is reasonably-priced, and can provide the heat relief you need during these long summer days.

The Mr. Slim Mitsubishi units are often a very good solution for people who want a targeted solution for cooling in one section of their home. Mr. Slim units are reasonable in price, and very effective for cooling a certain room or section of your home. Mr. Slim units are controlled by a very simple remote control, and its easy to achieve the optimal temperature for your family.

Please visit Mitsubishi’s website at www.mitsubishicomfort.com for more information regarding these systems, or call Dan today to see if this system might provide a good solution for your home. Dan can answer your questions, or schedule a free estimate if you call him at 720-876-7166 or email him directly at dan@sensibleheat.net.