Many different homeowners are good candidates for geothermal systems, but for one group it’s truly an easy decision when it comes to comparative savings and ease of use: people using propane heat. Here’s why it makes a lot of sense for those currently using propane heat to make the switch to geothermal.

Why Geothermal Beats Propane Heat Expense

Though many Colorado homeowners rely on propane heat, it has several distinct drawbacks. The first negative is cost. Propane is expensive partly because it must be delivered by trucks rather than through a pipeline. The unreliability of this delivery method means that propane prices fluctuate much more than natural gas prices. As we discussed last week, geothermal heat can be even less expensive to operate than natural gas because of its greater efficiency (and this advantage is magnified if you use solar panels to power your system).

Ease of Use

Another drawback is that delivery can be a real hassle. If you live in a remote area, it can be especially difficult to coordinate deliveries. In times of truly bad weather, you run the risk of actually running out of propane, and therefore heat. Geothermal systems derive heat from the ground: a source that never runs out!

Propane-fired equipment is also less reliable and durable than geothermal equipment. Because of its simplicity, geothermal equipment will last longer than propane-fired equipment, and it will require less maintenance.

Hot Water Heating

Many homes using propane heat must use electric resistance water heaters to heat their water. This is an expensive option because these units can use more than 10 times the amount of electricity it takes to run a refrigerator (according to! Geothermal heat pumps can generate hot water much more efficiently and inexpensively because they rely on transferring heat from the ground rather than on just electricity.

If you’re ready to make the switch from propane to geothermal, your return on investment is often justified through savings on energy costs alone, even without tax credits.

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