Connecting our Passion: Greiner Electric

Name any home-heating and -cooling system. They all depend on electricity to perform their designated duties. At Sensible Heating & Cooling, we too, depend on electricity to provision traditional and geothermal HVAC systems. As such, during this season of thanks (and well-beyond), we’re ever so thankful for Greiner Electric.

From powering our furnaces in winter, air conditioners in summer and every HVAC system in between, electricity is essential to what we do at Sensible. If you’re in need of electrical work at your home, contact Greiner Electric at 303-470-9702, or visit Greiner serves Colorado and Wyoming’s commercial and residential electrical needs. And for all your traditional and alternative HVAC system needs, contact Sensible Heating & Cooling at 720-876-7166, or email Sensible Owners, Dan Schmied and Phil Jensen.

About Sensible Heating & Cooling

Sensible Heating & Cooling is Denver’s Premier Heating & Cooling Company, offering a wealth of experience and knowledge in traditional HVAC, as well as alternative systems such as geothermal, heat pumps and boilers. To learn more about Sensible and take our virtual estimate survey, visit