Closing out 2020 with Something Good: Savings for you and the Environment

Now through the end of 2020, when you partner with Sensible Heating & Cooling for your energy-efficient HVAC needs, not only will you save money on select systems, but you’ll help to save the environment, too.


2020 Year-End Specials

  • $100 off a humidifier. Installation of a whole house humidifier will increase the humidity within your home and lower utility bills. The added moisture will also combat dry air responsible for respiratory issues and adverse effects on home goods. To learn more about humidifiers, visit
  • Free iWave. Whatever the HVAC system your home needs this season, once it’s purchased through Sensible, you’ll receive an iWave free of charge. iWave Air Purifiers sanitize indoor air by neutralizing airborne toxins, such as gases and bacteria, and combat up to 99.4 percent indoor air pollutants. For more on iWave, watch this video.
  • Discounted service call. Don’t let HVAC system repairs disrupt your year-end earnings. Instead, receive $50 off any service call when you enlist Sensible to complete system repairs. We offer a wealth of experience and knowledge in traditional and geothermal residential HVAC systems.


If you’re interested in one (or all) of these money-saving, environmentally-friendly options for your home, give Sensible a call at 720-876-7166 or visit

About Sensible Heating & Cooling

Sensible Heating & Cooling is Denver’s Premier Heating & Cooling Company, offering a wealth of experience and knowledge in traditional HVAC, as well as alternative systems such as geothermal, heat pumps and boilers. To learn more about Sensible, visit