Attic Fans

A lot of people ask us about installing attic fans in the summer, and want to know if they really make a difference in the comfort of your home. Here a few things you should know about attic fans before you install one.

Your attic can reach temperatures up to 150 degrees in the summer months, which causes your air conditioner to work a lot harder.

· Attic fans create a positive air flow through the space, pushing out the hotter air and drawing in the cooler air.

· Attic fans have a thermostat control that cycles the fan on and off as needed.

· Installation of an attic fan does require cutting a hole in the roof, however, there is a cover to keep out rain, snow and animals. They are waterproof and fit into the shingles.

· While attic fans may not save a lot on your energy bills, they will greatly increase the comfort of your home.

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