An Up Close and Personal Look at Geothermal

When it comes to heating and cooling, more and more homeowners are turning to energy-efficient alternatives and opting for geothermal systems. For most homeowners, it’s more important than ever before that they do their part to not only reduce their energy bills but minimize their carbon footprint so they can help the planet and the next generation.

Amanda Jachym is no stranger to energy efficiency, home electrification, and doing her part to help the environment. This is her home electrification story.

We met with Phil because our A/C wasn’t working as it should be. It wasn’t cooling our upstairs, and we knew that if we needed to get a new unit, then we should look for an environmentally conscious alternative. After learning about the impact that gas has on our environment and indoor air quality, we decided it would be best to rid ourselves of gas completely. That way, we could do our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize our carbon footprint. We had a solar system installed in 2016, and we use an electric car, so opting for a more energy-efficient heating and cooling system made sense. We ultimately decided to go with a geothermal system, and we turned to Phil and his team at Sensible, as they’re Colorado’s leading geothermal experts.

We knew we wanted a team that could answer our questions, put a process in place, and could retrofit our builder-grade home with this new system. Sensible was communicative throughout the entire process, and the team was there every step of the way. Plus, everything was time efficient from start to finish. Now we have a system with infrastructure that will last a hundred years. We’re one of many homes that are starting to make the switch to home electrification in Louisville. The city is working to become more sustainable, and more homes are becoming energy efficient.

Going with geothermal and the ground source heat pump was the best option for our family. We’ve had an 83% decrease in our energy usage this summer since installing the pump at the end of 2021. Our entire utility bill for the month of June was only $27, including lights, cooling, and vehicles. Our house is cooler, we’re more comfortable, and we’re not polluting

We were even able to help out our neighbors when the fires were happening in Louisville. Since our home isn’t connected to gas and we produce electricity from our solar system, we had hot water and a warm home when the snow started, and we could drive with our electric car. We felt fortunate that we could open up our home to those who needed a place to go.

We’ve been in Colorado for fifteen years, and we feel like this is the best place to raise a family. We know we’re not going anywhere, and that’s why we’re doing our part to help our family, our community, and our planet. We’re thinking about what we’re leaving behind for them and creating a better way. We’re focused on efficiency in all areas of our life. We don’t want to waste our time or our energy, so choosing to go with geothermal energy was the right choice for us. If you’re looking to do your part to become more energy-efficient and reduce your carbon footprint, it’s not too late to make a change.*

After this year, geothermal rebates could start to shrink, so get in early to save. Through December 31, 2022, you can receive a 26% federal tax credit for residential ground source heat pump installation. And if you already have a heating and cooling system, it can likely be retrofitted with a geothermal system. You can also learn more about other affordable and energy-efficient alternatives, and our partnership with Xcel Energy can help you save with nearly 30 rebates, rewards, and program opportunities. And like Amanda, installing solar panels can help you save more long-term and reduce your energy bills by helping you generate up to 200% of your projected energy usage. 

Our Sensible team is here to help and we’re happy to answer any questions you have.

*Listen to Amanda’s full story on Sensible Heating & Cooling’s podcast here.

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